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Facial treatments

We have a facial to suit everyone with our in  salon treatments.


Beautiful skin facial

The Difference You’re Looking For

Indulge yourself with this multi treatment facial using ultra-sonic to deep cleanse, high frequency to infuse serums and RF for tightening a fantastic facial for all skin types.
60 minutes    $105

Peptide facial

Giving your skin a healthy glow.

A vitamin rich, peptide facial to boost the skins hydration,collagen and elastin production.
60 minutes  $95

Smiling Redhead
Content Woman

Hydra-brasion & Dermabrasion

Customized For Your Needs

Microdermabrasion re surfaces skin, removes top dead layer, softens fine lines and scar tissue, brightens. $70

Hydrabrasion works with serum infused water to deeply cleanse without being aggresive $75

Interested in how our personalized services can help you? Reach out today.

Our services


Eyelash tint   $25   Eyebrow tint  $15
Eyebrow tint & shape   $27
Eyelash & eyebrow tint and re shape brows  $50
Eyelash tint & perm   $60

Blue Eyes


We use warm cartridge wax for the legs and hot wax for the more delicate areas. Sugaring is also available for sensitive/reactive skins. Please advise when making the appointment, only for face, underarms and bikini.
legs 1/2 $27  full $50  3/4 $35
1/2 leg, underarm, bikini tidy $60
top thigh, bikini tidy $40
full leg, bikini tidy $60
bikini $20  high $25  full1st time $55-$60
regular full $45-$50
under arms $20  arms $25

Body Conscious

Face depilation

We use warm hygenic wax sugaring and/or electrolysis to remove unwanted hair from the face. Electrolysis is a progressive treatment that requires a regular appointment to gradually remove the hair. We use sterile 1 use electrolysis needles on each person.

lip wax $15  eyebrow wax $17  chin wax $17

lip,chin,eyebrow waxing  $30  lip & chin $22   face $33

5mins electrolysis $15

10 mins  $20

15 mins  $25

20 mins  $30

25 mins  $35

30 mins  $40

skin tag removal starting from $10

Woman with Hand on Face
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