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Tinting, Make-up & skin laser.


Eyelash tint   $25

Eye brow tint  $18

Eyebrow tint & shape  $30

Eyelash tint, eyebrow tint & eyebrow shape   $50

Lash lift $50

Eyelash tint & Lash lift $60

Blue eye on grey background


We can apply make-up to your request of wedding, formal or natural.
We have lipsticks, eyeliners, lip liners and lip gloss available for purchase.
Special occasion  $60
School formal $50
Wedding trial  $40
Wedding trial & wedding day  $85


pigmentation laser treatment

I have a pigmentation laser from France to treat pigmentation, age spots and freckles on hands, chest and face. With little discomfort and fast healing you can have blemish free skin in no time, these treatments are best done in Autumn and winter as sun is not as strong at these times.    

                  per session       course of 3

Hands          $40                       $100

Chest           $45                     $115

Face             depends upon area treated and how mant shots are used

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