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Waxing & Electrolysis.

Body Conscious

Truly Exceptional Results

We use strip wax for legs and hot wax for under arms, bikini & face .
Waxing on a regular basis results in the hair becoming finer and "patchy".
1/2 leg  $30    3/4 leg  $35
full leg  $55   full leg with bikini tidy  $70
top thigh & bikini tidy  $45   back thigh $17
1/2 leg,underarm & bikini tidy  $68

bikini bottoms

Bikini waxing

We specialise in bikini waxing, we use a special blended hot wax for gentleness and no snapping of the hairs.
bikini tidy  $25
hi-bikini  $30
full bikini 1st time or not regular  $60
full bikini regular (4-6 weeks) $50

Shirtless Man Sitting Black and White

Mens waxing

We use either strip wax or hot wax on mens waxing. For best results we advise leaving the hairs to grow for at least 4 weeks before coming in for waxing
back including neck and top of shoulders  $35 - $50
chest $35 - $50
eyebrows $10 - $15


Michelle has over 25 years experience with electrolysis, training in the UK then attending further training when new ideas arrived.
Blend is the main treatment used but it can be changed to suit the need. Electrolysis is a permanent hair retardant but must be used on a regular basis initially to get the best results.

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